56 Squadron RAF «Firebirds»
Welcome to the home of the «Firebirds» — 56 (Fighter) Squadron RAF (Virtual)
A Squadron that is part of the Virtual skies of the WWW Virtual Air Combat community, formerly flying in Aces High and now operational in IL2 Forgotten Battles/Pacific Fighters.

We are proud of our aviation heritage and adopted the 56 Squadron RAF identity for our ‘virtual’ world.

No 56 (Virtual) Squadron is one of the internet’s longest running online virtual squadrons. Over the years we have participated in many of the best known online flight simulations and have always placed a heavy emphasis on World War II simulations. Our members have flown in Air Warrior (the original on-line air combat simulation), Warbirds, Aces High and now you will find us in IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 by 1C Maddox. At sometime in the future you will also find us in the upcoming Storm of War, also by 1C Maddox.

Cameraderie was undoubtedly a byeword of the real 56 Squadron. We try to keep that spirit alive through team work and friendship. As well as meeting online, we arrange to meet personally as often as possible.

Most squadron members are based in the United Kingdon, however we welcome friends from all over the world. Although we fly for fun, we always strive to remember the sacrifice made by those who gave their lives so that the world may be a better place

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