Hells Gazelles
Welcome to the Hells Gazelles website, we are an online squadron who play the IL2 Sturmovik series online. The squadron was originally formed in late 2003 by members of the il2skins.com forums so we could get together for blastathons. From there we have continued to play the many different versions in the series and are currently playing IL2 1946 v4.08. Hopefully we shall still be playing when BoB is finally released.

We normally play for a few hours on Sunday and Wednesday nights. You can find us on Hyperlobby around 9.00pm (GMT). All the games are open and anyone can come along and join us. Look out for nutter or hotspace we will normally be the ones hosting.The game settings are around mid-range. We don’t play too serious but would ask that people play civil.

Please feel free to drop by our forums and join the fun.


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