I dreamed DiD up one day when I was playing Red Baron2-3D. I was into yet another career in which my persona had a number of kills and was shot down and killed again. So I did what we all did back then and re-flew the mission. Anyone who has played RB2-3D will know it had the familiar system of allowing a mission to be re-flown in order to save a career in progress.

On this occasion I found my interest in the game diminished and after some thought decided it was because the success of my persona meant nothing if all I had to do to keep him alive was re-fly a fatal mission until I survived it. The previously unconcious disadvantage of doing this was that I flew my missions with little care for my persona’s survival. As a result missions became pointless and dull.

The solution was simple. I decided that if I was killed in a mission that was it, I was dead and I had to start a new career from scratch.

There wasn’t much difference in the feel of the game until I’d developed my persona. This took a few weeks, usually at the rate of about one mission per day. Gradually I found myself very reluctant to take risks and potentially lose all my hard work. I approached targets very carefully and would try to avoid engagements if I was out-numbered or didn’t like what the enemy was flying. This reinvigorated my interest in the game and my pleasure of flying it.

Some time after this SDoE came along and I began developing a unit for it, JV44. I subsequently met another online flyer, ‘Jetlag’, who had started a unit of the same name and we decided to join forces. During this time I mentioned what I had come to call DiD (Dead is Dead) to him and we discussed it at length and decided to firstly incorporate it into the rules by which JV44 pilots flew, and secondly to promote it to the online community in the interests of improving the online combat experience. Between us we refined the details and incorporated many new ones.

Since then the word ‘DiD’ and it’s principles have become widely known and generally accepted as the ‘Full Real’ standard, used in many online wars (including one I ran for over a year) and by the vast majority of offline players who seek maximum immersion in their play. It is, of course, the standard by which II/JG3 operates and I hope it will bring added enjoyment to the experience of all our pilots.

All DiD players engage on their honour, to treat themselves, their comrades and their virtual enemies with respect and fair play. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from engaging in textual or verbal unpleasantness, gaming the game, exploiting bugs and/or flaws, outright cheating or even bending of the rules. If in doubt, choose that which offers you the least advantage. Cheating is always an option but in the final analysis a cheat cheats only himself. False claiming, not reporting the death of your persona and etc etc etc…pointless. Not only would you be caught out eventually but also your achievements would mean nothing.

The object of the DiD exercise is not to chase after kills at any cost. That is not DiD play. Anyone attempting to do so will soon find out it leads only to an early death. The object is to SURVIVE and any kills that come with it are cherries on the cake. Patience is a DiD virtue and the road to glory and respect.

To start with, and for the next few months, we assume ourselves to be flying circa 1940, in the era of the Battle of Britain. This means the use of CloD, modified to ATAG v4.0. There is only one server currently authorised for II/JG3 DiD persona play and it is named ATAG 4.0.
When BoS is released our pilots will have the choice of transferring to a staffel that will be sent into Russia to support the Eastern Front theatre of operations.
Currently we will fly with a relatively loose MO, in that pilots are free to jump onto the ATAG server and do their thing as and when it pleases them. A ‘free hunt’ as it were. But please be aware of the fact that kills cannot be claimed when alone, you must have them witnessed by a fellow gruppe pilot. Refer to the rule page for details. Basically, ops will be a collaborative endeavour with there being little practical use in going it alone so far as scoring kills is concerned. Sorties, on the other hand, may be scored alone on the word of honour of the individual pilot.

The gruppe is open to both europeans and Americans, though each will have their own staffel (1 and 2). This is to make things easier vis-a-vis time zones and Teamspeak organization etc.

At any time when an online war becomes available we will join it, at which time more organised ops will be initiated, with more commitment required from our boys. And as soon as BoS is released a staffel will be sent to support our forces on the Eastern Front, open to anyone who wishes to transfer away from the Channel Front. But until then you have a chance to hone your skills against the British, and maybe earn early fame and glory.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me on the BoS forums. And likewise if you decide to sign up with this gruppe.

Until then…


And a huge thankyou is in order to I/JG27 for allowing the use of their rank images, which are truly works of art.

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