RAF74 has been flying online for nearly 13 years, we have been together through RED BARON, EAW and IL-2.

We are a Squadron which focuses on teamwork online, and use Teamspeak 3 for communication.

Our members are mostly mature virtual flyers, with a good deal of experience. As part of our Squadron program, we train less experienced online flyers, and speed their transition into competitive and successful members.

Members are from North America and Australia, our flying hours are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 9:00 pm EST North American time.

No. 74 Squadron RAF was the home of many famous WWI and WWII pilots, including ‘Mick’ Mannock and ‘Sailor’ Malan.

We are a combat flight simulation squadron flying propeller driven aircraft from WW1 and WW2. We do this using computer programs and networks across the internet. The real No 74 Squadron Royal Air Force had a long and distinguished operational flying career. Established in 1917, it flew against the German flying circuses over the trenches during 1918. Its most outstanding pilot at that time was Edward «Micky» Mannock, who shot down 35 aircraft while flying with the squadron. No 74 squadron was quickly into the thick of action in WW2. Serving in France during the early part of 1940, and then as a front line squadron during the Battle of Britain. It had a number of very successful pilots, including Clive Caldwell, Sailor Malan, and HM Stephens. It also served in the middle east and through invasion europe. It was disbanded as an operational unit in 2000.Already our RAF74 squadron has a long history of battle honors, taking part in and leading multiple campaigns over the last 10 years over the world wide web. We come together on a weekly basis to fly planes that we could never afford on computer screens across the world. Note: We are not part of the Royal Air Force and this site is just for avid history fans to recreate air battles from over 60 years ago.

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