Clubs Alexander Fedorovich Twice Hero of the Soviet Union
Klubov Alexander Fedorovich - deputy commander of a fighter aviation squadron (1943), assistant commander for airborne rifle service of the 16th Guards Sandomierz Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 9th Guards…

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Air Marshal
Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub was born on June 8, 1920 in the village of Obrazhievka, Chernigov province. After graduating from school in 1934, he entered the Chemical Technology College in the…

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We are from the Soviet Union
Nikolai Dmitrievich Gulaev, a famous fighter pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the third of the Soviet aces in terms of the number of personally shot down aircraft during…

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Meeting with Zhukov. “We shoot few scoundrels!”
Meeting with Zhukov. “We shoot few scoundrels!” It was with Stalingrad and Marshal Zhukov that one of the most unpleasant and humiliating memories of the pilot Popkov about the war…


Aviation Division

Heroes of the Soviet Union

Golovachev Pavel Yakovlevich (1917-1972) – Soviet ace pilot, participant in the Great Patriotic War, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. In total, during the war he made 457 sorties, took part in 125 air battles, shooting down 31 enemy aircraft personally and 1 more – as part of a group.
In November 1938, Golovachev was called up for service in the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army. In 1940 he graduated from the Odessa Military Aviation Pilot School named after P. D. Osipenko. He served as a pilot in the 168th Fighter Aviation Regiment.
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Member of the Great Patriotic War

Born May 1, 1922 in Moscow in a working class family. My father worked in a special purpose garage at the Council of People’s Commissars. When he was transferred to work in government facilities in the Caucasus, from 1927 the family lived in Sochi and Matsesta, from 1934 in Gagra. In 1938 they returned to Moscow. He graduated from 10 classes at school number 94 in Moscow in 1939. At the same time he graduated from a glider school in Gagra (1937, although according to publications on the Internet, he received a certificate of a glider pilot at the age of 12[4]). In 1940 he graduated from the Krasnopresnensky (according to other sources Tushinsky) flying club. Continue reading