Pilots of the Great Patriotic War. Kirill Alekseevich Evstigneev
The most productive and FURIOUS PILOT of the century: twice a Hero in the sky and Stenka Razin on the ground... Nikolai Gulaev was born on February 26, 1918 in…

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Heroes of the Soviet Union
Golovachev Pavel Yakovlevich (1917-1972) - Soviet ace pilot, participant in the Great Patriotic War, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. In total, during the war he made 457 sorties, took…

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Koldunov Alexander Ivanovich
Soviet military figure. Chief Air Marshal of the USSR. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union. During the Great Patriotic War, he was one of the best Soviet fighter aces. Alexander…

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Alexander EFIMOV: "The attack aircraft lives in battle"
A participant in the Great Patriotic War, an attack pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marshal A. EFIMOV is a legendary personality for our aviation. And not only…


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Efimov Alexander Nikolaevich

Efimov A.N.
Born on February 6, 1923 in the village of Kantemirovka, now a village in the Voronezh Region, in the family of a railway worker. In 1940 he graduated from school number 2 in the city of Millerovo, Rostov Region. Since 1941, in the ranks of the Red Army, in 1942 he graduated from the Voroshilovgrad Military Aviation Pilot School.

In August 1942, with the rank of sergeant, he was assigned to the 198th ShAP, which operated on the Western Front. As an attack pilot, he participated in battles near Vyazma, Rzhev, Bryansk, Smolensk, in Belarus, Poland, and Germany. He was a flight commander, a squadron, an air regiment navigator. Continue reading

The Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War caught P.Ya. Golovachev near Iasi. He flew to attack the enemy troops on the I-16. On the second day of the war, he shot down his first plane – “Me-109”, but he himself was wounded.

In October 1941, he was transferred to the 69th Odessa Aviation Regiment under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union L.L. Shestakova.
Fought in the skies of Stalingrad. On “LaGG-3” he shot down several enemy aircraft. After the Battle of Stalingrad, he was appointed flight commander. Continue reading

Golovachev, Pavel Yakovlevich

Born in the village of Koshelyovo, Buda-Koshelev Volost, Mogilev Province, now Buda-Koshelev District, Gomel Region, into a peasant family. Belarusian. Member of the CPSU since 1943.

After graduating in 1935 in the city of Gomel, the school of factory apprenticeship, he worked as a turner and miller at a timber processing plant. He was a forward of the factory football team. At the same time he studied at the Gomel flying club. In 1938, on a Komsomol ticket, he was sent to the 8th Odessa Military Aviation Pilot School named after P. D. Osipenko, from which he graduated at the end of 1940. Continue reading

Callsign "Maestro"
Vitaly Ivanovich Popkov, the future Maestro and future Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, went to the front in early May 1942 after several reports. From the very beginning, the…


Koldunov Alexander Ivanovich
From February 1941 in the ranks of the Red Army. In March 1943 he graduated from the Kachinsky military aviation school of pilots. From March to May 1943 he was…