A Storm in the Sky

I’m very pleased to present a few months worth of effort putting together a cinematic video that I wanted to represent as much of the IL-2: Battle of Kuban experience as I could possibly cram into a single video. ‘A Storm in the Sky’ comes from hours of editing 317 different clips comprising 21.3 GB of recorded video compressed down into something you might like to watch.

I wanted this video to include a little bit of everything from the IL-2: Battle of Kuban experience. Bombers, fighters, transport aircraft, and the famous IL-2 attacker. I wanted to capture the size and the scale of the Kuban map and show off just a few pieces of just how beautiful it can be.

I hope you enjoy!

WWII vintage aircraft clash in the skies over the Kuban river, along the Black Sea coast, and in the mountains and valleys of the Caucasus mountain range in this cinematic video dedicated to fans of IL-2 everywhere.

IL-2: Great Battles Series now available on their website: https://il2sturmovik.com/

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